About us, AboutScreen

AboutScreen.com was born from the idea that a selection of accessories for smartphone is more interesting than a catalogue with millions of products. The goal is to position itself as a customer and to find the best offers as well as the best products for mobile phones.
The aim is to simplify the research and to be able to advise and inform on the accessories offered. See our practical sheets in our buying guide.
Each of us has a unique daily life and therefore needs products that meet different expectations. Transparent or tinted screen protections, soft cases, cases with chargers or even wallet cases.
Beyond all this, it was also important for the whole team to work in the direction of the client and therefore of you. So we set up services for you.
A secure payment based in Switzerland, personal information protected, a customer service that answers your questions before and after your order. And most importantly, a system of exchange and refund for everyone to find.